Do you buy/trade used items?

Yes! We offer cash for items we are interested in and offer 50% more than the cash amount in store credit.

What items are you interested in buying?

Records - We buy rock, pop, country, reggae, blues, metal, jazz, R&B, soul, funk, international, hip hop, electronic, experimental, and more!  We do not buy classical, easy listening, or big band LPs.  We also do not buy 78 records.

Books - We buy a wide array of fiction and nonfiction books, comics, graphic novels, and manga. We do not buy textbooks, romance novels, hardcover mystery/thrillers, audiobooks, library books, advanced reader copies, or heavy reference books like encyclopedias. 

CDs - We buy all genres of music on CD.  We do not buy audiobooks.

DVD/Blu-ray - We buy all genres of film/TV on DVD and Blu-ray.

VHS - We buy all genres of film on VHS tape, but are most interested in sci-fi, horror, and music tapes.

Cassettes - We buy all genres of music on cassette tape.

What determines the offer I will get on my stuff?

There are many factors that determine what we want to purchase and how much we will offer for any given item. They include: the desirability of the item (title, edition, etc), the item’s condition, and the number of copies we already have in store.

What are your buying hours?

We buy items any time we are open but prefer to do buys Monday-Thursday when we typically have less retail traffic.  If you have a large volume of items, please call so we can make arrangements to be ready for you. 

How long does a buy take?

Buys are handled in a first-come, first-served fashion.  If no one else is waiting, we can look at your items right away when you bring them in. We are able to handle buys more quickly Monday-Thursday when there is less in-store retail traffic

Boxes of books can be handled in just a few minutes, but items that have to be inspected individually like CDs and records can take significantly longer. If you have a large collection for us to look at, or on the weekends depending on available staff, we may ask that you leave your name and number and we will call you when we're done. 

Can I get a combination of cash and store credit?

Yes! We can offer a combination of cash and store credit if you’d like.

If I choose store credit instead of cash, do I have to use it right then?

Nope! We can write you a slip for store credit which you can use in-store any time.

New & Used Inventory

What kind of products do you carry?

New and used records, used books, CDs, cassettes, VHS tapes, Blu-rays and DVDs, zines, handmade coasters from Liz Kelly Pottery, t-shirts, and turntables.

What genres do you carry?

Records & CDs: Rock/Pop, Country, Reggae, Blues, Metal, Jazz, R&B/Soul, International, Hip Hop/Rap, Electronic, Experimental, and more!

Fiction — Novels, Classics, Graphic Novels, Manga, Comics, Thriller/Mystery, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Westerns, Young Adult, Childrens, and more!

Nonfiction — Biography, Music, History, Anthropology/Sociology, Philosophy, Psychology, Science, Space, Self-Help, Sports, Health/Medical, Business, Cooking, Hobby/How-To, Parenting, Sexuality, True Crime, Politics, Women+Gender Studies, Religion, Esoteric, Art, Architecture, and more!

Do you do special orders for records?

Yes! If a title is available, we can special order it for you. Please call or email with your request or let us know at the counter. If it's a record we're able to get, typically we can receive the orders within a week.

Do you have your inventory online somewhere?

Very soon we will have our new record inventory available on our website. We also have many used records listed on our Discogs account under seller “nicepricebooks3.” Due to heavy turnover, we do not have any online inventory of used books, CDs, etc., but occasionally we will post items on our Instagram.

Physical Store

How many locations do you have?

We currently have one location in Raleigh. Our store is located at 3106 Hillsborough St.

Do you have parking?

Yes! We have a parking lot in the back of our building, which you can access by turning on to Daisy St.

Do you have any events at your stores?

We have regular book clubs. They are currently being conducted via Zoom for social distancing purposes.

What forms of payment do you accept in store?

We take cash, PayPal, credit/debit cards, and Apple Pay.  There is a $3 minimum for card transactions.

Can I bring my dog into the store?

If your dog can be chill, yes.